Masonry stone wall
"Masonry--brick, stone, terra-cotta, and concrete block--is found on nearly every historic building. Structures with all-masonry exteriors come to mind immediately, but most other buildings at least have masonry foundations or chimneys. Although generally considered "permanent," masonry is subject to deterioration, especially at the mortar joints. Repointing, also known simply as "pointing"or--somewhat inaccurately--"tuck pointing"*, is the process of removing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masonry wall and replacing it with new mortar. Properly done, repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry. Improperly done, repointing not only detracts from the appearance of the building, but may also cause physical damage to the masonry units themselves.

The decision to repoint is most often related to some obvious sign of deterioration, such as disintegrating mortar, cracks in mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp walls, or damaged plasterwork. It is, however, erroneous to assume that repointing alone will solve deficiencies that result from other problems. The root cause of the deterioration--leaking roofs or gutters, differential settlement of the building, capillary action causing rising damp, or extreme weather exposure--should always be dealt with prior to beginning work. Without appropriate repairs to eliminate the source of the problem, mortar deterioration will continue and any repointing will have been a waste of time and money."
Source: Robert C. Mack, FAIA, and John P. Speweik
As a masonry contractor, Diamond Restoration Contractors offers complete interior and exterior masonry work on all types of buildings, including residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

A typical project will include,  proper assessment  of the property, plan of action, enlistment of professionals who are experts in their field of work, and of course quality control.

Masonry services:
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Curbs & Sidewalks
  • Decorative stone & concrete